Mia’s Story

September 1, 2017

One of Mia’s first experiences with ICI was summer camp, and she loved it. She quickly became attached to one of the Youth Disciplers, Tiffany, and each day during snack time they would meet at the swings to just talk and hang out. It wasn’t long before Mia was asking some pointed questions about God and the bible. Tiffany remembers being impressed by how thoughtful and earnest she was: “She had a lot of deep questions and a desire to understand scripture. She would ask questions about creation and why Adam and Eve would choose to go against God, and if there really had been an apple.” It was clear to Tiffany that Mia was giving a lot of thought to the things being taught at the camp.

Just a few days later, following an evening meeting where the gospel message was shared, Mia prayed with her counselor to receive Christ as her savior. Tiffany followed up with her to ask about her decision and what it meant to her. Again, Tiffany was impressed by her level of understanding.

Since summer camp, Mia has been faithfully attending Awana with ICI on Wednesdays and church with ICI on Sundays. Even though Mia is one of ICI’s youngest kids, she continues to impress staff with her love for and commitment to follow God. She brings so much joy to the programs, keeps staff on their toes by asking very insightful questions, and is already demonstrating great enthusiasm for putting her faith into action. Tiffany recently asked her what she hopes for the future. Her answer: “I want to run a homeless ministry, or donate lots of money to help the homeless.”

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