Expect Amazing

When you volunteer with ICI you can expect to learn and grow, to be inspired and challenged, to change some of your ideas and preconceived notions, to impart wisdom you didn’t know you had, to gain some wisdom you didn’t know you needed, to be silly and sometimes serious, to listen a lot, to hang out, to laugh, and to make friends. But most of all, you should expect amazing.


Individual volunteers work alongside our full-time staff, becoming immersed in urban ministry as it unfolds on a day-to-day basis. Volunteering with ICI doesn’t just give you invaluable ministry experience, it also gives you the opportunity to be involved in something that is exciting and inspiring and making a real difference in kids’ lives. From making a weekly commitment to work with one of our programs, to spending the summer or longer as a missionary or intern, there are a number of different ways to get involved and to have an impact.


Group volunteering at ICI is a great way to have fun, bond, and spend meaningful time with your small group. It’s often because of the group volunteers who come alongside us to help run a number of service and hands-on ministry opportunities throughout the year, that we’re able to offer so many fun activities and services to our kids. In return, volunteers form deep connections with the kids they’re serving, connections that bring many groups back year after year.

I asked him right there, “Have you ever placed your faith in Christ?” “Just now,” he answered.

When you work or volunteer with ICI, you have to be ready to discuss just about any topic—you never know what the kids are going to ask! But what’s always true is that kids are really curious about spiritual things and will impress you with some deep and insightful questions and observations.


There are diverse opportunities to serve for those who are unable to make a weekly commitment but who would still like to be involved on an ongoing basis. We always need volunteers for day-long events and weekend service projects, especially those with skills (or who are ready and willing to learn) to help with various building projects throughout the year.


Weekly volunteers help out in a number of our ongoing programs, such as after-school clubs, sports programs, and camp programs. This is the best way to have a long term impact because it provides the best opportunity for developing and maintaining relationships with the kids.


For those looking to invest their summer, or even longer, volunteering with urban youth, summer missions and internships are incredible, life changing opportunities that have a lasting impact. Working alongside our full-time staff, volunteers and interns get hands on experience and knowledge in urban ministries while helping out with after-school clubs, camping trips, home visits, day camps, Bible studies, and one-on-one discipleship.