BJ Bechtel

Chief Executive Officer / Leadership Staff

Appointed as CEO in 2017

Born and raised in the Dayton, OH area, BJ’s college years were spent at Cedarville University. It was during his time as a student that he went on a short missions trip with ICI and learned about the work they were doing with inner city kids. BJ enjoyed it so much that he returned soon after as a summer missionary and, following graduation, as a full-time staff member. As the recently appointed CEO of ICI, BJ is excited about the organization’s continuing journey as it seeks to pursue its mission to lead kids into a relationship with God and toward a brighter future. BJ is married to Shanna and has 5 children.

Making an impact

One life transformed can result in many lives that are changed for the better. At ICI we know this is true because we’ve seen it happen: when you impact a kid, you impact a family and a community. And if you do it enough times, you have the opportunity to impact the world.