Shanna Bechtel

Development Assistant / Admin Staff

Shanna first came to ICI over spring break as a student with the Byran College team and connected with ICI’s mission. She loved the life-on-life ministry at ICI, its closeness to the community, and the depth of relationships established with kids. After graduating, she married BJ Bechtel, one of ICI’s elementary coordinators, and moved to Chicago. She helped BJ run ICI’s 4-6th grade program for many years, eventually moving up to help with the high schoolers. During her eighteen years in Chicago, her family has grown to include four lively sons and a daughter, a quirky canine, and many honorary family members in ICI students.

Making an impact

One life transformed can result in many lives that are changed for the better. At ICI we know this is true because we’ve seen it happen: when you impact a kid, you impact a family and a community. And if you do it enough times, you have the opportunity to impact the world.