A Volunteer Story

October 5, 2022

It was cool to come to ICI, not only to be part of the ministry but to stay overnight because we are plugged into ICI, and our whole week is ICI. It was cool to see your mission and vision, and I fell in love with it and seeing ICI’s history. It was fun thinking that when my mom went to Moody Bible Institute in the ’80s, her PCM (Moody volunteer placement) was ICI. It was crazy to think that ICI has a long history in this neighborhood, so it’s fun to see that God’s still working through this ministry. Seeing how you are investing in the neighborhood, and going to them, is unique. Seeing the youth group kids from Kent City Baptist go into a new context was neat. Some had never been in the city, never been in such an urban context, and never seen cultures other than their own. I got to see them branch out and gain more experience and perspective. We were serving the students here at ICI, but ICI was also investing in our students and helping them learn what ministry looks like and what being the hands and feet of Christ actually looks like.

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