Ramiro’s Story

December 1, 2017

Growing up was hard. I am the oldest of the family and have to set the example for my siblings. My parents didn’t like each other, which made things difficult for us. I have been coming to ICI for about 10 years now and they really helped me turn my life around.

At one point I was smoking drugs, selling drugs, drinking—just doing the same things as everyone else. Sophomore year is when the teaching at ICI really got to me and I gave my life to Christ and changed the path I was on. I began studying the bible and learning how to make changes. I felt like before Leaders In Training (LIT) I was going to end up like anyone else: not go to college, drop out of high school, end up a parent at 16, work in a factory like my dad does.

I always doubted myself. But being a LIT intern this summer was amazing! I got to work with my best friend Anthony. I had financial responsibilities. It was awesome to be a part of that and to be trusted with that kind of responsibility. At the end of the summer I hadn’t lost a single dollar, and I feel so proud of that. I accomplished the goal of being responsible.

ICI helped me develop a set of goals for the future. I have a job and get a regular paycheck. I am planning to go to college and have already gotten offers to attend different schools. ICI has opened up opportunities for me.

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